Vita-Pro® Vitamin Delivery System

Natural kelp encapsulation preserves vitamin levels for maximum potency

Sequestered trace minerals provide health benefits to dogs and cats that sulfated mineral products cannot:

  • Trace minerals (zinc, iron, etc.) are encapsulated in kelp protecting them from stomach bacteria and interfering substances. Research shows that by protecting these minerals in the stomach and time-releasing them in the digestive tract mineral absorption is increased dramatically. Bioavailability and absorption of sulfate minerals averages 33% while sequestered mineral absorption is over 98%.
  • Encapsulation protects vitamins from attack (degradation) by trace minerals, so vitamins do not lose potency. After 1 month in packaging, vitamin A strength is dramatically higher for Proformance versus sulfated trace mineral diets. Sulfated diets typically lose 30-40% of their vitamin A potency in only one month.