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Interested in becoming an exclusive Proformance distributor?

Contact us! We will be glad to give you all that you need to make a decision. Product literature, technical nutritional information, product samples and transport cost figures are available at your request.

At Proformance Pet, export is not an afterthought. We have over 20 years of experience in super premium pet food export and all of that experience is now focused on making it easy for our overseas distributors to do business with us. We are accustomed to providing import documentation, product registration, factory to warehouse transportation and all of the other services our customers have come to expect from us.

100% of our business is done through exclusive distributors with protected and long term territories. We have no interest in opening our own distribution sales offices anywhere and we won’t directly sell to retail chains in our distributor’s markets. We are focused on formulating and controlling top quality products while supporting and helping our distributors grow their businesses. We hope that you will join us in a long term and profitable exclusive Proformance distribution territory.

Proformance Pet Products, Inc.

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Tel: 601.853.6806
Export Sales: Vanessa Watson