Our Philosophy

At Proformance we are first and foremost dedicated to the nutritional quality and safety of composition of the products we formulate and sell in over 30 countries worldwide. We are driven by a strong desire to provide exceptional products for pets for a price pet owners can afford. In addition, we are motivated in our product development by a deep awareness of the societal and environmental impact of our business practices, particularly as they relate to ingredient purchasing practices. As a part of our on-going commitment to responsible super premium pet food manufacturing, we always test incoming ingredients and all outgoing finished products to ensure our high quality standards are met.

The worldwide pet industry is much larger than most people realize. Literally millions of tons of agricultural products are purchased and processed annually by pet food producers. These purchasing practices can have far reaching effects. At Proformance we are continually reevaluating our ingredient choices to avoid contributing to environmentally unsustainable business practices. We do not want to compete with primary human food sources, nor do we wish to pressure environmental systems that are already under stress. This, along with the products themselves, is what we stand for.

Proformance is a family-owned pet food company. We love our pets and it is a fortunate circumstance that allows us to create a full line of super premium natural pet foods that are among the best in the world while keeping our environmental footprint small. Thanks for visiting our site and we sincerely appreciate your business!